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How to autofill spouse from cra

I follow the process of starting the Import tax data process of TurboTax Premier connecting me to the regular CRA My account login. I can only access my wife's data thru Represent a Client. So I go that route getting to the point where it asks for my wife's SIN (I have access to several members of my family this way). When I type in my wife's SIN, the CRA website ignores Turbotax and goes right to the screen showing all my wife's CRA data. And Turbotax is stuck waiting for the data. There does not seem to be any way for TurboTax to get CRA to send my wife's data to my computer.

My wife has no password to access her data right now so I have to go thru Represent a Client.

I am now suspecting that TurboTax cannot import data thru Represent a Client.

How am I supposed to do this? Or will I have to manually enter her data?

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How to autofill spouse from cra

You are most welcome, I am glad I could help. You have a great day.

How to autofill spouse from cra


How to autofill spouse from cra

OK - got it to work. I first positioned TurboTax to be ready for the import button request. Then logged on to my wife's CRA account. Then pressed Import in TurboTax and it then recognized my wife's SIN and then downloaded what was there.
(Note: I also installed an update that presented itself to TurboTax before doing this).
Thanks very much for your help and encouragement.

How to autofill spouse from cra

Please make sure you can log into your wife's CRA account firstly, then try to auto-fill.......let me know!
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How to autofill spouse from cra

Didn't work for me. logged into my wife's CRA account and import still wanted to go to my CRA account which is understandable as it auto-filling my section. At the end of my T3 it wanted me to enter my wife's data manually.The website said the program should have gone to my spouse's right after auto-filling mine but that did not happen. Another fix was to go back to import and then skip auto-fill for my portion and hers would come up but that did not happen also. We both have CRA "My Account" and I also have a RepID but don't know if this is required.

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How to autofill spouse from cra

Didn't work for me. My wife's CRA was open but the program went to a new tab in Chrome and wanted me to log into my account. Since TT was in my autofill section that's the only data it wanted and did not go to my spouses after (all her profile information is correct and I'm been using TT since 2016) fill my data in. I have entered her stuff manually in the past but thought the software might have been improved.