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I don't know my spouse's income. Can I file separately?

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I don't know my spouse's income. Can I file separately?

Yes, you can file a separate tax return from your spouse’s tax return. We can certainly guide you to file your start a separate tax return.


Please follow these steps in TurboTax online:


  1. Select “My Return” and select the option “Start a new return”
  2. On the new page select the TurboTax Online product that you prefer and click on “Continue”
  3. For the question, who are you preparing this return for? please click on the option “My spouse/partner and me”
  4. Fill out your and your wife’s information and click on “Continue”
  5. Answer the question, what is your marital status? by selecting “Married” or “Living common-law”. Then click on “Continue”
  6. For the how do you want to prepare your returns together? select “No”
  7. Fill out your and your wife’s personal information and click on “Continue” to save all the information.

For the TurboTax CD/Download please follow these steps:


  1. Select the option “Start a new return”, click on the option “EasyStep”
  2. Continue whit the process until you find the question “What’s your marital status?”
  3. Select either “Married” or “Living Common Law”. Then an additional field called “How do you want to prepare your return?” will appears
  4. For the question “Do you want to prepare your returns together?”, select “No”.
  5. Then select “Continue” and enter all your personal information.

For further information about your spouse's income please visit How do my spouse and I know what our combined net income is if the other person hasn't done their ta... 


Thank you for using TurboTax