Assigning income to wrong person when filing 2 ret...

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Assigning income to wrong person when filing 2 returns together

I'm having a problem filing my returns. My wife gets social assistance, but the software assigns it to me, and so it won't allow me to file because her income is apparently zero. I placed the information from the T5007 in her return, but it automatically puts it on mine on the tax summary. Any thoughts??

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Assigning income to wrong person when filing 2 returns together

TurboTax is entering it, where it should be according to CRA- Social Assistance payments are not taxable income.  So whether the income is reported on your return or your husband's return won't affect the taxable income...however, by reducing your husband's income by the amount shown on the T5007, you are increasing your spousal credit that you can claim for your husband.  While Social Assistance is not included in taxable income, it is included in net income, and the spousal credit is reduced by the net income of the spouse.  This is actually one of those rules for preparing taxes that benefits the taxpayer, as it increases the credits and decreases the taxes owed.


This should not affect you to file your return. If you are having issues please contact customer service for assistance.