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Locked Form Technical Glitch

Hi there, I am desperate for a solution but after hours of  searching community posts, I don't see anyone with the same issue as me. My problem is twofold - a technical issue and a customer service issue.

I get a locked form error that prevents me from accessing my files to print.

None of the forms on the list of locked forms have any relevancy to my tax return.

I am using the online version. 

Please don't tell me to wait for updates, don't say that the form is being fixed - it isn't, as there supposedly is not an issue with T4A forms. Is there even a way to tell turbotax that I'm having a technical glitch? It doesn't seem like there's ever a way to contact them, just complain to the forum.  How can they know that there's an issue? I'm not sure I've ever seen a company that tries so hard to be uncontactable, and that leaves me feeling very uneasy about them having my sensitive information. 

I am looking for information immediately about how to fix the technical issue, but also about how to contact them to even tell them that their site is malfunctioning. 

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Locked Form Technical Glitch

In order to help you with this situation, I believe your best option is to contact our telephone support team for further assistance, as they have the option to view your screen to help resolve the issue. To contact us please follow this link: Contact Us form. Once you go through the steps and complete the form, the phone number to speak to a TurboTax agent will appear on the page. If the agent cannot resolve your issue please make sure you tell them you want to escalate the issue to a higher level. Thank you for your patience.