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What happened to Intuit?

So I posted this about the near-impossibility of getting telephone support, detailing how my call had been disconnected three times:


[EDIT: The above link is no longer valid, as the question has been removed entirely.]

And I get this answer from TurboTaxLise:
I’m sorry that your experience with TurboTax this year has been less than optimal. If you would like to give feedback directly, please reach out again to our phone support team.
I would have like to ask there if she actually read my account of what happened when I did try to reach out to the phone support team, but the post has been closed to new comments or replies.

This is not the Intuit I have been doing business with, for my business as well as personal needs, for over 20 years. And this is not the way to address legitimate concerns about customer service - it just gives all customers the impression that Intuit no longer cares what we think about it.

Waiting anxiously to see if Intuit confirms that impression by closing this post as well.