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@TurboTaxJennifer , thank you for taking the time to read my posts and reply to them candidly.

I understand that the moderators here are dealing with a high volume of customer concerns, and priority must be given to those that relate to the use of the product. On that, the transformation to the current version of this forum has only added to your load, as it makes it much more difficult than the previous version for users to help each other.

I have had a decade of experience as a contributor to various online peer help forums, and I can honestly say that the previous community forum here was one of the best I have seen, and the current one among the worst. You have only to look at the volume of help offered by users then and now to see that.

In no small part because of that, I understand that you and other moderators don't have a lot of time to participate in discussions like these, I hope that you will leave this one open so that Intuit's customers can have an open discussion about the support options and how they might be improved.

There is no better or more cost-effective market research than simply listening to what your customers have to say.