Reporting foreign income on your Canadian tax star...

Getting started

Reporting foreign income on your Canadian tax starts with determining residency status below

Once that’s been established then you can proceed with entering his income with directions below

We want to know about his world income. It boils down to whether he gets a full year or is it prorated from your date of entry. You will not be taxed twice on your income from home, under the tax treaty Canada has with that country (if any - please see below for Treaty countries with Canada), and it is taxed at source, you will file for Foreign Tax Credit.

To access the FTC form, go to the "Find" icon at the top right corner of your screen and type in "Foreign Tax Credit"

You can claim a foreign tax credit on the income tax paid on the foreign income earned is a lesser of 2 amounts

  • The actual tax paid in the foreign source income
  • The Canadian tax payable on that foreign sourced income

CRA Tax Treaty Country List -

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