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In 2017 I worked as a self-employed contractor. Jan. 1, 2018 that changed and I now work full-time from home at the same company. How do I report my depreciating assets?

I reported various assets

  • a laptop, monitor and other computer related assets
  • a desk and other office furniture

I reported them as per class designations for 2017. I am still using them for the same employer, and I am working mostly from home.

How do I report/claim my year-2 depreciation value fore these assets?  


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If you are still self-employed, then nothing needs to change. You can just take your CCA for the year as per usual. If you are no longer self-employed, but instead you are an employee with a T2200, then you will have to dispose of your assets in the self-employment section, and then enter them as additions in the employment expenses section.

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