Why is my Pension Income on my "summary of income"...
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Why is my Pension Income on my "summary of income" higher than what I actually entered (line 016 of my T4A)?

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Pension income on the income summary includes amounts from lines 113, 114, 115, and 116 of your return.

This would include:

  • Old Age Security Pension (T4A(OAS))
  • Canada Pension Plan benefits (T4A(P))
  • Other pensions or superannuation (Box 16 or 24 from T4A, Box 16 or 20 from T4RIF, box 19 of T5, box 31 of T3 - some of these depend on your age and reason the amount is received)
  • Elected split-pension amount, if your spouse is transferring some of their pension to you via pension splitting

You can check lines 113-116 by going to Review > Bottom Line (Tax Summaries), then clicking the Detailed Tax Summary link.