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Can't login. Setup new account, set password, fails. Clicked "forgot password" and reset again, still not letting me login. Any other bright ideas?

Can't login. I setup a new account, and immediately tried to login .. didn't work.

I clicked "forgot password" (which I didn't forgot .. but you don't have many options ) .. so I reset the password .. to the same thing it was ... it saved, no issues.

I tried to login again .. still didn't work .. "unknown error". 

Do you have any other bright ideas ?

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You can send resets all day, it doesn't fix the issue.

after some more testing, and fooling around, I think I understand what's wrong.

You're prompt asks to use email id OR userid .. 

however, using email id fails .. every time.

using userid works fine.

You might want to either remove the indication of email from the login screen, or fix it so you can use email id.

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I have sent a password reset from our end. 

You can also try clearing your cache or using a different web browser:

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I try to login to my 2019 Turbo Tax online edition and I get this "Puppy" pic and the error message below. I tried to change my password, cleared my cache and cookies and did not help. I tried different browsers (Chrome and Firefox) and reset the devices with no luck. I do not have a user id, I only used my email as the user id and it worked fine for the previous years. What should I try next? Is this a "bug" in the system? 


I should mention that this morning I was able to login briefly on my ipad, then I wanted to continue on the computer and the issue started after that. Not sure if it is related though. 






"This should not have happened. Don't worry - your data has been saved.

Our TurboTax application has stopped working properly. It rarely happens; we're sorry it happened when you were using it.

Maybe the puppy helps, but you're probably mad and we're already hard at work fixing it.

Please check back again soon. We should resolve this quickly.

You can also contact our support team at

Thanks for your patience,

The TurboTax Team

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After I talked with the Customer Support, the solution was to clear also the Browsing History, beside the cookies and cache, for All time. Hope this helps!