Trying to pay in full my Home Buyers Plan. On phon...
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Trying to pay in full my Home Buyers Plan. On phone with Turbo tax they said you can only pay the minimum which is not true. Any idea how to get online program to work

On phone and two people have no clue how to get around this. The 1st admitted they did not know and kept me on the line for 20 minutes for another person said you are only allowed to pay back the minimum which is untrue. Then claimed I had no RRSP. I shared my screen and showed them the RRSP as I am using the online tax return. I have limited cell minutes per month so the call is going to cost me a lot. I asked to speak to a supervisor and they put me on hold and after a few minutes of waiting they disconnected the phone. I can't file it says error. Anyone know of a work around they have already taken my money and no will get back to me.

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