Im doing back taxes from 2014 to now. I added all ...
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Im doing back taxes from 2014 to now. I added all t4s, t4a, t4e, t5007 together and it says she owes 5158.51. Am i supposed to wait for them to pick the year an then add?

I want to know. When doing her back taxes, i simply put in all the T4s, T4a, T4e, T5007 in radom order from the random years she wrote them down in but, all her income ect from 2014 to now was entered. She owes $5158.51 it says. Did i screw up? Am i supposed to enter the 2018 year first and go back from there? Will turbo tax ask me for a specific year to do first ect? I dont understand why its saying she owes so much. The total income aince 2014 was 7900.00 plus. Did she get a fine? In the beginning, she was up to a refund of over 200.00. I entered a t4 where she made 121,000.00 plus and it sent her down to owing 5,000.00 plus. HELP!!! I HAVENT NETFILED IT YET. PLEASE HELP ME SO I CAN MAKE SURE I HAVENT AND DO NOT SCREW UP HER TAXES FROM 2014 UNTIL NOW! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!
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