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You have charged me for software I did not order and cannot use.

See my Facebook account for my experience of your company and your website.

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We billed and fulfilled TurboTax Advantage subscribers this weekend. We don't retain your credit card info when you purchase directly from TurboTax, unless you registered for the program.

Perhaps you registered in error when you purchased TurboTax last year? In any event, if you'd prefer not to be part of the subscription service and want the purchase cancelled, please call us or send us a private message on Facebook. We'll be happy to reverse the charge and cancel your subscription.

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I have used TurboTax for at least 10 years and have always used the lower priced product to file my taxes. This year I selected the same package. After completion, I looked at my receipt and saw that the charge was $170.00, I spoke to someone who tried to assist me, but was unable to assist in correcting this error. During the process to review, I was continuously asked about my Alabama income. I don't have Alabama income. I'm not sure happened, but I am requesting a partial refund. I was charged for Deluxe LIVE. This was not correct.  I want to be reimbursed for the difference lower priced package.


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We're sorry for any inconvenience.  Please send us a PM to so we can assist you.