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Where do i pay for the activation code. I am ask for it but there is no link for the payment

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I did pay the 2014 upgrade .where do i find the form.  I have the installation key code.  please help  thank you


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the left side menu. Click the Start button next to “Review Your Order” and you’ll get the option to pay by credit card. If you have already bought an activation code, you can put it into the Coupon Code space and hit apply.

If you have TurboTax Live Assist & Review, here is how to talk to a Tax Expert:


@Sun304rise_ Is your code for TurboTax Online or for TurboTax CD/Download? If it’s for TurboTax CD/Download, then you can download the software for 2014 here:

If the code is for TurboTax Online, unfortunately, 2014 has been discontinued for several years now.