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Getting started

Thank you for choosing TurboTax,

If you used TurboTax Online, this FAQ has info on how to find your filed returns: https://turbotax.community.intuit.ca/community/navigating-turbotax/help/where-do-i-find-a-copy-of-my...

If you are still not able to find your TurboTax Online return, this FAQ may help you find it: https://turbotax.community.intuit.ca/community/importing-transfering/help/why-can-t-i-find-my-turbot...


If you used TurboTax CD/Download, your tax files are only stored on your computer.  Check your “Documents” folder for a “TurboTax” folder, as that is where the software stores its files by default. 


If you have a problem related to reach your old tax returns from your CRA account,  please reach CRA from this link: Contact the Canada Revenue Agency