Level 3 red seal welder - Can we add the level thr...
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Level 3 red seal welder - Can we add the level three red seal welder if his employer hasent sent in the certification form to the ITA? (passed school & Completed hours)

We are trying to determine if we can tick off the completion of level three read seal program - husband has competed and passed the schooling and completed the needed hours to be logged, but his employer has not gotten around to sending the form into the ITA.

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If you are claiming the Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit for BC, you will need your transcript showing that you have completed technical training level three, especially if CRA requests proof.

If you were to make the claim without the proper paperwork being submitted, CRA would most likely disallow the claim if you were unable to supply that transcript upon request. 

Here's a link to the Govt of BC information regarding the BC Training Tax Credit:


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