First, thanks for describing the issue you're havi...
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Getting started

First, thanks for describing the issue you're having in such great detail.

Unfortunately, we're not able to reproduce the error you describe and we're not hearing it from other users. If you're open to experimenting with us a bit, here are some things we'd like to try.

Does the error persist in a copy?

  1. Sign into your TurboTax account and make a copy of your return by selecting the Copy link under your return's name in Return Manager.
  2. Then, open the copy and try the Find function.

If you get an error in the copy...

  1. Open your return (the original or the copy)
  2. Select the Upgrade link under the refund ticker on the left and upgrade to TurboTax Standard.
  3. Then, try the Find function.

If the Standard return works, post back to let me know and we'll zero our the cost of the return so you can finish up.

And if the Standard return doesn't work, certainly let me know that too and we'll try something else.