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How can I claim travel for northern living allowance when spouse claims both?

My spouse claimed both of the northern living allowance and travel. How do I input my travel without clickin the box for living in a prescribed zone because then it brings up an error saying only one person can claim the northern living allowance eve though I have left both blank except for my trip?


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I'm sorry but if one is claiming this travel expense, then the other cannot.

Quoting from the CRA website - "You cannot claim a deduction for travel benefits if:

  • you or any member of your household received or was entitled to receive non-taxable amounts as travel assistance, a travel allowance, or as a reimbursement for travel expenses; or
  • someone else has already claimed the deduction for travel benefits for this trip on their return."

This is from the link below directly from the CRA:

Line 255 - How much can you claim as a deduction for travel benefits?