Are you in Ontario and are applying for the Ontari...

Investors and rental owners

Are you in Ontario and are applying for the Ontario Trillium Benefit? You can add additional addresses with the “Additional Home” button on the “Payments Related to your Principal Residence”. You can only claim amounts paid for 2017, and you can’t claim your rent if the property you lived in was subject to property tax. You would have to check landlord of your private rental unit if they paid property tax.

Student residence fees are treated differently from regular rentals, because they don’t pay property tax, but you still can claim them. Again, you can only claim amounts for 2017. You may want to go back and add the 2016 portion of the fees to your 2016 return.

Finally, you can’t claim any amounts for which you don’t have receipts. The CRA can come back and ask for those receipts, and if you don’t have any, you many have problems.

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