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Hello, Thank You for responding.  My advisor went through an exercise to rebalance my portfolio moving funds from under performing funds to better performing funds.  Where the entire amount of the fund was brought to 0, it is noted as "Investment Transfer" to another Fund within the portfolio.  In the Fund where only a portion of the balance was moved to another fund it is noted as "Redemption".  In all cases for each Fund it notes an amount as a "Gain/loss from redemption/transfer".  In each case they sent a T5008 to Revenue Canada.

In one case during the first 60 days of the year I transferred funds from a non-registered fund into a Registered RRSP fund and it shows a capital gain upon redemption/transfer, is this considered me "receiving" cash?

On the T5008's which I obtained copies of from CRA, in box 16 Quantity of securities it has the number of shares and in Box 21 Proceeds of disposition or settlement it shows the $ amount of the transfer. There is no mention of dividends, additional units or cash.  The note on the back of the T5008 "if you are an individual having to file a T1 return, report transactions on account of capital on schedule 3".