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Cell phone expenses just will be allowed to be deductible if the expense was incurred to generate any form of income. In order to claim your cell phone expenses, it is important to determine first what type of activity the expense belongs to. Cell phone expenses can be deducted if it supports either employment income activity (salary employee/commissioned) or self-employed activity.


We can certainly guide you to claim your cell phone expenses due to employment activity:


Please find below the steps in TurboTax online:

  1. Go to the top right of your return and click on "Find"
  2. Type "Employment Expenses" in the search bar and click on "GO"
  3. If you meet the conditions to be able to claim expenses press “Yes”
  4. To claim employments expenses, you will be asked if you received either the T2200 or T2200s from your employer.
  5. If you received T2200 select the option and press continue.
  6. Select Other employment expenses, answer the additional question, and press continue.
  7. Go to “Other expenses” and enter the cell phone amount expense that is related to the employment income.
  8. If you received the T2200S or you did not receive either form, select the option that best fits and press continue. Answer the question and if you qualify for employment expense deduction press continue.
  9. After you complete the questionnaire, you have to select “Detailed Method”, then answer the questions and press continue.
  10. Scroll down until the "Employment-Related expenses" section.
  11. Go to “Other expenses (cell phone, long-distance call)” and type the amount related to your cell phone expense. Scroll down and click on Continue

On the other hand, if you are self-employed, please visit the next link and follow the steps shown:


Thank you for using TurboTax