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We can certainly help you to complete your schedule 7 in TurboTax. Please follow the next steps to enter your 5000-S7 Schedule 7 – RRSP and PRPP Unused Contributions, Transfers, and HBP or LLP activities in your tax return:


  1. Go to the top right of your tax return and select "Find” from the menu, and type RRSP”
  2. Select “RRSP Profile” from the list of results, then click “Go”
  3. In the RRSP Profile for 2020, please select all of the checkboxes that apply to you.

Note: You will request to file Schedule 7 to report new unused contributions in your tax return. In this case, you will select the checkbox for the option “Made RRSP contributions during 2020 or the first 60 days of 2021”. By following this process TurboTax will be able to complete your schedule 7.


  1. Click “Continue” and follow the instructions.

Please visit Schedule 7 Tax form: RRSPs in Canada for more information .


If you still need assistance with TurboTax please contact our phone support team for further assistance or contact us directly on Facebook or Twitter.


Thank you for using TurboTax