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If you are preparing your return together with your spouse/common-law partner, then TurboTax will automatically calculate the Spouse/Common-Law Partner amount based on your net income.


If you are preparing your return separately from your spouse/common-law partner, then TurboTax will ask you for information regarding your spouse/partner’s income. It will be on the My Info>Additional Information about [Name] page. TurboTax will use that info to calculate the Spouse/Common-Law Partner amount. This works the same if you separated/divorced during the tax year (2019).


For the Eligible Dependant amount, at the page located at Deductions>Additional Dependant Information, it will ask you for info on your dependant(s). Then later, at Claims For Dependants>Claims For Dependants Intro, it will ask if you want to claim any of the credits listed. Answer Yes, then click Continue. Next, you’ll get a list of your dependents. Click on the Enter Credit Info link next to the dependant who you want to take the credit for. Check off Amount for an Eligible Dependant and any credits that you want to claim, and click Continue. Then, when you get to the Amount for an Eligible Dependant page, answer “Yes, Claim On My Return”. Click Continue to save your answer.


Please be aware that if you are married, you can’t claim the Amount for an Eligible Dependent. If you were separated or divorced during the tax year (2019), you can claim either the spousal amount or the eligible dependant credit, but not both.


You can check what TurboTax Online has calculated for these credits using the Detailed Tax Summary. This FAQ shows how to get there: How can I see a detailed summary of my return in the online edition of TurboTax? 


Line 30300 is the Spouse or common-law partner amount & Line 30400 is the Amount for an Eligible Dependent.


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