As you have received a non-taxable motor vehicle a...


As you have received a non-taxable motor vehicle allowance (and can show that your motor vehicle expenses are in excess of the allowance) you can include the amount of the allowance in income, and deduct your motor vehicle expenses for the full amount of KMs driven for employment. 

  • To correctly enter this in TurboTax, complete the Employment Expenses section using the details you have kept in your log and your receipts. You do not need to make any special "per km calculations", as there is nowhere to enter these calculated figures in the software. TurboTax will do the calculating for you based on your entries.
The attached screenshots show where to make the entries and the resulting deduction on the Detailed Tax Summary
  1. The percentage is calculated based on your total KMs driven for work (3,200 + 24,000) and the total KMs driven during the year.
  2. Make your entries for Fuel, Maintenance, Insurance, etc in the appropriate fields.
  3. You will then be asked to "Enter the total of all rebates, motor vehicle allowances, and reimbursements for motor vehicle expenses you received that are not included in your income". The amount you received is now subtracted from your Employment Expense claim. 

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