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Error on Info Wks re Marital Status

I am a newbie using TurboTax 2017. 

When completing the Info Wks, Turbo Tax for the Web Filing Status Smart Worksheet "WFSSW"- either TT or I checked Married and Married filing jointly. The check this box to override the filing status selected thru Interview was NOT checked.

Well, this spit out and error / Red Exclamation mark / Red Boxes in the Turbo Tax for the WFSSW. There were no other red areas (assuming this is the error flag) on the entire worksheet.  

The only thing that removed the error status was to uncheck all three boxes in the WFSSW section.



If you are looking for the TurboTax USA- please go to https://turbotaxcommunity.com/t5/Community/ct-p/en-us