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When I purchase turbotax online, how can I reload an older purchased copy of Turbotax?

I have been purchasing Turbo Tax online for a couple of years now.  However, what happens if I buy a new computer and want to have those downloaded versions installed on my new computer?  Can I go back to prior years' versions?  What if I don't have the installation key?  These are all concerns as I have had the need to go back to prior years in the past but that was when I had CDROM versions with they key....

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Please use the following FAQ for instructions on how to transfer your tax files to a new computer.

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It sounds like you might be talking about TurboTax download editions that you purchased from our website.

You can always reinstall prior year versions of our TurboTax download editions at any time, so long as you've kept your Installation Key Codes. You can find links to our prior year download versions here:

So long as you registered your copy of TurboTax when you installed, our support team should be able to help ou track down lost installation keys, should that be needed.

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As long as you have an installation key, you can use the following to download older versions of TurboTax to your computer, or if you happen to buy the new laptops now without a CD Drive:


Scroll down past the video, then past the boxes of TurboTax to the last of the three sentences.

Click on "Where can I download TurboTax for previous tax years?". 

The download links to previous years will appear. 




@Scar888Bran, Thank you for sharing your solution and your contribution, we appreciate it.