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Can spouse claim moving expenses?

In the post, it is stated that a spouse can claim the moving expenses even if the move was not because of their work. I called the CRA to clarify, and they stated that this is not the case. I want to check for my specific situation.

My wife and I are Canadian and were living in the US so that I could complete my PhD. After completing my degree, I received a job offer in Winnipeg, so we moved from New York state to Manitoba. We sold our home there, and would like to claim the selling costs and other moving expenses. 

It would seem that I can certainly claim the moving expenses since we moved to Winnipeg only because of work. However it is more beneficial to claim the moving expenses on my wife's tax return, which leads me to my question. Can I claim the moving expenses on her return if we only moved for my work? She would not have been able to stay in the US since her visa was linked to mine, so in a way she also moved for work, but she only found a job after we had already moved to Winnipeg.

Thank you for your help.