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Have not received a response so re-submitting the question: If Form T2091 is included with 2018 tax return, why is Box 9906 answered NO?

A recent response from TurboTax Susan confirms that a completed Form T2091 is net-filed along with the rest of the 2018 T1 personal tax return, and therefore, it does not have to be paper-filed separately unless requested by CRA later.  If Form T2091 is included with the 2018 tax return, why is Box 9906 in the NETFILE Worksheet, which asks if an election is being made on the return, answered NO?

Should this be overridden to say "YES"?  (OR is the "NO" answer due to the fact that the Form T2091 is not required to be submitted separately in paper form, once the 2018 return has been net-filed?  Is Box 9906 to be answered YES only if an election is to be paper-filed separately after the rest of the return has been electronically filed, which is not the case with Form T2091?)

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An entry in this field does not constitute an election; it is designed only to inform the CRA that an election, a letter or note containing the required information is being submitted in paper format. Since there is no additional paper coming, it's not an election for box 9906 purposes. That is only set to Yes if there's additional paperwork being sent to CRA separate from the return itself.