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How do I delete self employment income

I am unable to net file my return with an error that I cannot fix related to self employment income that is the program and cannot be deleted.

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Without knowing exactly what the error is, we are unable to help.

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I need to remove - net self employment income - it has been recorded under other income. Now its duplicated unless I remove one.

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You might want to check if you have a T4A slip with boxes that are triggering a self-employment income report. Please check the flowing link:


If you have a T4A slip, you report the income once on the business sheet T2125 > do not report the slip separately

From the Find engine on the top bar > search Business Profile or Business and Professional Activities, depending on the product you are using > it will open the Business T2125 sheet questionnaire 


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Revisit your T3 and other T-slips. You can also check from the 'Forms Method'. There will be a self-employment income in a form with the amount. Go where you input that amount.

In my case, it was T3 - Box 26 which is supposed to be declared, however, NOT Communal income. I changed the dropdown from communal - yes to Communal - NO!  and went and netfile without any issues.

like if it resolved!