First, we all know that the OP had every intention...
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First, we all know that the OP had every intention of adding the toilet as an asset, or he would not have asked.  Second, we all agree that a toilet alone is a pretty unlikely item to be added as an asset.  If somebody wanted to know the CCA class of a new drain plug for a sink, I for one am not going to lead him down the garden path, and give him a class number.  We try for a certain responsibility here.  Telling him how to claim from $10.00 to 20.00 a year for a $500 toilet is just sad.  An that is assuming it wasn't a $160.00 carpenter special.

A toilet alone is never going to be added as an asset other than in new construction and he gets a much better bang for his buck by expensing it.  Sometimes, just answering the question does the OP no service at all.

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