Help! Doing return for my wife (business partner) and myself together. But Turbotax only shows my income, hers shows as zero, yet she is set up as a "50.0000%" partner.

When I get to the "Total income summary" page, the "net self-employment income" of my wife shows as zero, while mine correctly shows half the income of our partnership.


In order to have the income and expenses for the business flow through to your spouse, the information relating to the business must be entered on her return as well as yours. Just adding your spouse's name as a partner won't generate the business form for her. The entries will need to be on her return as well.

Return to the Business/Self-Employment section and check to see if there's a business showing in the business summary for her as well. If not, the business info will need to be completed for her too.

If you're using Forms view, check the list of forms on her return by clicking the Forms tab near the bottom of the screen next to her name. Check the list that appears for a T2125. If one isn't showing, that means no business activity has been included in her return.

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CONSIDER Turbo Tax enhancement:

Being able to 'COPY' or better yet, just answering the question "Is Spouse your business partner?"  and "What %"?  


data transfers seamlessly between spouses for donations [just by indicating on the form]-  so why not make it available here as well??