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"Regardless of whether you buy prescription drugs, you have to be covered by Québec's public prescription drug insurance plan and you must pay an annual premium, which we collect.

You can include the premium payable under the public plan in calculating the refundable tax credit for medical expenses (provided the period you use to determine the amount of medical expenses includes December 31 of the year for which the premium is payable). To claim the tax credit, you must complete Schedule B of the income tax return and enclose it with your return.

The maximum premium for 2015 is $625.50 (per spouse in the case of a couple). To calculate the premium, complete Schedule K."

Should you believe the software is miscalculating your RAMQ amount, please contact us.
Please call us by clicking the following link to the Contact Us page. Then complete the required information. A phone number will appear, along with your incident ID. Call the number. This will ensure that an appropriate agent is assigned to your query:
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