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My 80 year old mother lives with me now. I am wondering if she can be claimed as a dependant? All she has for income is CPP and a few investments?


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In previous years you could claim a parent or grandparent who is 65 or older as dependants and receive the “Caregiver Tax Credit”, without having them being to be mentally or physically infirm. The old “Caregiver Tax Credit” has been replaced with the new “Canada Caregiver Amount” for 2017. The “Canada Caregiver Amount” now requires that your parent or grandparent is infirm for you to be able to claim it. You need to have a signed statement from your dependant’s doctor or practitioner or a Form T2201 – Disability Tax Certificate – on file with CRA to get the credit. 

If you can claim the credit, you will need your dependant's net income, and Social Insurance Number.

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