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How do I claim tuition from a T2202A if my employer reimbursed half of it? Do I still say I was a part-time student for those months?

The T2202A shows the total tuition paid, including the portion reimbursed by my employer.  I can't find any place to indicate that part of the tuition was reimbursed.


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You would enter your T2202A as is. Your employer should have added the reimbursement to your T4 (likely in box 40), and you would fill the amount on the T4 page. If your employer didn’t add the amount to your T4, you may want to speak to your employer about giving you an amended T4. If this is not possible, you can report this as other employment income.

  • Click on “Income”, then in the “Other Income Sources” sub menu, select “Income Not Reported On A T-slip”. This will bring you to the “Employment Status” page.

  • Check off “Received tips, gratuities, occasional earnings, or other employment income” at the top and click on the “Continue” button. This will bring you to the “Other Employment Income Sources” page.

  • You can now put your amount in the top box, or the bottom box if you want to specify an employer or add a description. C lick on the “Continue” button to save your information.

  • You can also use the “Find” tool in the blue bar on the top right corner. Click “Find” and search for “Income Not”, then select “Income Not Reported On A T-slip” from the list and click on the “Go” button.

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My daughters employer paid for a 3 month course and the school sent a T2202 to CRA. The tuition of 12000 is not listed on her T4. I think it is a non taxable benefit because it is a skill she needs for work and agreed to work there for a further year. Do we say yes or no that she was a student. She would not be allowed to claim the tuition credit.  Is turbo tax claiming that because the form was automatically uploaded from CRA?  Thank you


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Yes, you can say yes she was a student and also report it was paid for by someone see attached. You may want to speak with your employer to amend the T4 to reflect payment made. See CRA link below on the matter: