If you have information from your T4 box 20 or T4A...

Seniors and students

If you have information from your T4 box 20 or T4A  box 32 slips, you enter them in the T-slips section under the Income tab.

To claim your RREGOP - Answer the question in the Personal Tax Profile section of your return first;

  •  Did you make contributions to a retirement plan such as an RRSP, PRPP, a Registered Pension Plan, or the Saskatchewan Pension Plan?  Yes
  • CHECK - I made Registered Pension Plan (RPP) contributions for current and/or past service.
  • Go to the RRSP tab - Registered Pension Plan and start from there.
TurboTax  will then transfers the RPP deduction to line 207 of your T1 General.
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