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OSAP considered me Full-Time (3+ courses, 60% course load) for the grants. Do I choose Full-Time or Part-Time for Box 105 (Scholarship etc. (full-time)/(part-time))?

I took 3 courses per semester in 2018. OSAP considered me a Full-Time student as I took 3+ courses per semester which is 60% of a full course load. My T4A for the Federal and Provincial grants show that I am a full-time student and have an amount in Box 105. When I enter the amount in Box 105, it asks for the category in which my amount applies. The two categories I am trying to figure out between are Scholarships etc. (Full-time) and Scholarships etc. (Part-time). My T2202A says I was enrolled in 4 months of Part-Time per semester for a total of 8 months of Part-Time. 

Does CRA consider me full-time or part-time? Which option do I choose under Box 105?