Based on information at CRA it appears that you mu...
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Seniors and students

Based on information at CRA it appears that you must apply for the Eligibility Certificate from the Ministry of Education in order to make this claim.

Line 68 – Saskatchewan graduate tuition tax credit

You can claim this credit if you were a resident of Saskatchewan at the end of 2018 and you met all of the following conditions:

  • You met the necessary qualifications to receive a certificate or diploma from an eligible program at an eligible educational institution.
  • You applied for and obtained a Graduate Retention Program Eligibility Certificate from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Advanced Education.

You will be entitled to credits over a seven-year period based on your eligible tuition amount, beginning in the tax year shown on your Graduate Retention Program Eligibility Certificate, as long as you file a return as a resident of Saskatchewan for each year of your entitlement.

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