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How do i reflect FTQ labor fund RRSP carryover from 1st 60 days 2018 (additional tax advantage)? Time frame choice is Mar 1-Dec '18, or 1st 60 days of 2019 only?

I contributed RRSP in 1st 60 days of 2018, and reflected this on schedule 7 of my 2017 return as a carryover, and want to deduct in 2018 tax year.  However the drop down menus only indicated Mar 1 - Dec 31, 2018, or the 1st 60 days of 2019.  There appears to be no place to indicate the 1st 60 days of 2018.  With the labor fund (FTQ), there are additional tax credits, above and beyond a regular RRSP, and those do not seem to be reflected.