Please take note: FTQ entries should be applied af...

Seniors and students

Please take note: FTQ entries should be applied after the Federal Tslip entries.

  • In the Provincial Section of your tax return drop down to Other Quebec Credits then Québec Credits Profile – CHECK - Tax credit for Labour sponsored venture capital (FTQ or CSN) -  opens LSVCC – Québec – enter amount in  Unused contributions for class A shares in the Fonds de solidarité des travailleurs du Québec (FTQ) from previous years
  • For the FTQ to populate to line 424 of TP1(Quebec Tax Summary), you must ensure that your entries to your T4 box 14 and RL 1 box A, are entered first. 
  • Then go apply your RL10. Making sure you are indicating in that slip that it is for FTQ. All amounts with calculate accordingly.

For a better understanding of this credit review links below.

From TurboTax Tips -

And  from Revenu Québec: 424 – TAX CREDIT FOR A LABOUR-SPONSORED FUND -

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