Seniors and students

Unfortunately, you cannot choose to carry forward your tuition amounts. You must claim your tuition, education, and textbook amounts in the year they are incurred and you must claim this amount in the first year you have a tax payable.

This means if you have to use any of the tuition amounts this year to reduce your tax payable, they will be applied to your return automatically by CRA, even if you attempt to carry them forward. Do not confuse "tax payable" with the bottom line of your tax return. Once your "tax payable" is reduced to zero, you will receive a refund of any tax you have had withheld. Attempting to file and not apply your tuition will not work, CRA applies it for you!

TurboTax will apply the needed amount to reduce your tax payable to zero this year and carry forward any excess to future years. Then CRA will automatically apply as needed. If you can use all your credits in a particular tax year, you are required to do so. You cannot spread them out over a number of years or wait to claim them. 

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