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I cannot fix "Spousal amount error" in the filing process. Her net income is well below the limit, and no place I can enter her net income manually. How to fix it?

During the filing process, I received "Your spouse's income for this year is required to properly calculate your tax return." When I click fix, the TurboTax brings me to "Are you eligible to claim spousal amount?" and "Is my wife's net income zero?". Her income is less than $11809, so I choose yes and no for these two questions. The error warning does not disappear. Where can I fix this error? Thanks.


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You'll need to make sure you have all the current updates installed for your TurboTax version installed/downloaded to your computer as this was an issue before recent updates.

If you are preparing your wife's income at the same time, double check that her income has been entered correctly.

If you are preparing your return separately from her's, return to the "Information" section and make the entry for her Net Income there. Please see screenshot.

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The below is what I am receiving! 


We have detected errors in your tax return. We strongly recommend you correct them before submitting your return to the CRA or Revenu Québec.
Click a Fix button to review and fix your error.

If your marital status is other than married, common-law or widowed, or your spouse was not a resident of Canada throughout the ye...


My marital status has never ever changed and i always enter her information/income on my return. My refund is quite high this year since I was unemployed last year. 


can someone please assist?