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Credits and deductions

Hello Tony, after giving this much thought and listening to your advice carefully I have decided I will not claim my box 85 medical expenses from my 2014 T4 this year (on my 2014 tax return) and save it for next year (2015). I will set my medical expense year for my 2015 tax return to be Dec 31, 2014 - Dec 31, 2015. Then I have a choice to either continue this pattern of claiming my box 85 on the following year's tax return or, more likely for 2015, I will claim both my 2014 T4 box 85 and my and 2015 T4 box 85 in one year (2015). Technically this should be allowed (given that there is no precise date on a T4 box 85 medical expense) and then the next year I will be back on track to stick to the calendar year (Jan 1 - Dec 31) for my medical expense reporting period and only claim the current T4 box 85 as most people do. I know this sounds confusing but I will check it out with the CRA first to be sure this is OK. This all happened because this year I couldn't claim my box 85 (Or more precisely, I didn't need to claim my box 85). Personally, I think the CRA should clarify this practice of exactly what the duration of a T4 box 85 medical expense claim is. It is a confusing regulation. Thank you once again for your generous advice!