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How do you include a car donation with TurboTax Standard. I cannot find the option in the menus or the 1098-C form.

I can't enter my Car donation information or find the 1098-C form. The information I receive online and in the help menus suggests that I select “item” then choose “car” (see Recommended Answer attached) and the software will walk me through the rest to fill in the information from the receipt. I can’t find this option for any of the donation types offered in Turbo Tax. I tried them all but the only two that make sense are “qualified charitable organization” or “capital property”. Capital property refers to land only, so I assume I have to start with “qualified charitable organization”. When I get to the screen to enter “Charitable Donations” it gives a list of options. Again, the only one that makes sense is “Registered Charities”.  If there was an option to select “item” I would have expected to be in this form, but it is not. If I enter the name of the organization and $1,463.95 as per the receipt that is the end of it. Is that it, or am I supposed to identify that it was a car donation somewhere? TurboTax help suggests I would get the 1098-C already filled in from Kar4Kids. Then it gives instructions on how to find the form and fill it. Which doesn’t work. I can’t find the form. I've attached the letter I sent to Kar4Kids with screen shots describing the above.