Level 3

climate action incentive wont allow me to unclaim the stupid thing.. another member of my household who doesnt use turbo tax claims it

I need to make it so it doesn't claim THE CLIMATE ACTION INCENTIVE AUTOMATICALLY FOR ME . I unclick the one box in the provincial profile but yet it still shows up in the summary."it then says at the top to use the easy step navigator to go to the interview step where you entered the information, and delete it there"  I DIDN"T SELECT IT TO BEGIN WITH ITS THE STUPID THING YOU GUYS AUTOMATICALLY MAKE APPLY AND IF THIS DON'T GET FIXED I WONT BOTHER USING TURBO TAX AGAIN>>>> MAJOR FLAW>>> YOU THINK EVERYONE IN THE HOUSE GOES ON THE SAME RETURN OR EVERYONE USED TURBO TAX NO!! so fix this blunder now please..Turbo tax i'am starting to be very disappointed in. Ufile is way easier to use my friends tell me.