Keeps telling me my address is invalid. so filled ...
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Keeps telling me my address is invalid. so filled in all. still same. dont know what they want?

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Some reasons why it may not be accepting your address:

- You’ve entered an invalid character, or you’ve entered something that isn’t a number or letter as the first character.

- You are entering a PO Box or a Rural Route – the program requires you to enter the PO Box number like this: PO963. A Rural Route should be entered like this: RR963

- The postal code should only have numbers & letters and no special characters or spaces. There should be total of 6 characters.

- The postal code format must be in the format A#A #A# where A is an alphabetical character and # is a numeric character. Ensure that you have correctly entered any postal code characters that look similar, such as the number '0' and the letter 'O'.

You may want to select and delete everything in each box before retyping, just in case there is a hidden space causing the problem.

If you don’t have a Canadian address, on the “Contact Information” page (Under the “Setting Up” tab), answer “Yes” to the question “Is your mailing address outside Canada?”. Then you don’t have to enter an address into the program. You can write it on the forms after you have printed them out. It will still ask for a phone number, but if you don’t have a US or Canadian number, you can just ignore that field, it is not mandatory.

Here is a list of invalid characters:

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