same problem :( i check CRA for netfile maintenanc...
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same problem :( i check CRA for netfile maintenance / the service being down, but didnt see anything posted. I attempted 2 times and received the error messages, on the third attempt the tax return went through and I received the confirmation. So I thought great its working now. When I went to netfile the second tax return, the error message popped up again. I then decided to try the manual netfile alternative and still got the error message there.

From the manual netfile I got:
"We're sorry, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) was unable to accept your NETFILE tax return. Response Type: PENDING. You have two options: Try submitting again.
Note: You only have 5 attempts to NETFILE your return before the CRA will lock you out.
Close this internet browser window and recheck your tax return. "
From the automatic netfile.
"Error: "Your transmission did not go through. Your internet connection may have been disconnected at the time of transmission"

I really hope these don't count? I'm scared to try a fifth time - I've never been locked out by CRA, so no idea what that would entail to resolve.. whether its with TurboTax or with the CRA. Yikes.

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