Level 2

Entering Releve 2 (RL-2) with matching T4A NOT living in QC

I moved from Quebec to Ontario, but worked in Ontario for the whole year which means I only have a T4 and all goes well until I try to enter my T4A. Along with my T4A I received a Relevé 2 (RL-2) since when a lump-sum from my pension plan needed to be paid out I still lived in Qc. Which means taxes were deducted both federally and provincially (hence the RL-2).


So here's the question: I can enter the T4A easily, but where do I enter the RL-2, or at least the info from it? I can't seem to have access to the RL-2 input form since my residency is in On (when I switch it to Qc. the form is right there, but it makes me file in Qc). I need to somewhere put that some taxes were deducted by Revenu Qc, do I do it separately or just add all the Qc (box J) and Fed (box 22) and put it in box 22 of my T4A?