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Locked Form Technical Glitch

Hi there, I am desperate for a solution but after hours of  searching community posts, I don't see anyone with the same issue as me. My problem is twofold - a technical issue and a customer service issue.

I get a locked form error that prevents me from accessing my files to print.

None of the forms on the list of locked forms have any relevancy to my tax return.

I am using the online version. 

Please don't tell me to wait for updates, don't say that the form is being fixed - it isn't, as there supposedly is not an issue with T4A forms. Is there even a way to tell turbotax that I'm having a technical glitch? It doesn't seem like there's ever a way to contact them, just complain to the forum.  How can they know that there's an issue? I'm not sure I've ever seen a company that tries so hard to be uncontactable, and that leaves me feeling very uneasy about them having my sensitive information. 

I am looking for information immediately about how to fix the technical issue, but also about how to contact them to even tell them that their site is malfunctioning.