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TurboTax Basic counter deducted after saving to PDF



I have TurboTax Basic which is good for filing 4 returns. We have 4 people in the family so it is just enough.   Today I tried to save my return into PDF. I used "Save PDF copy for your records". I did not file. I did not print a PDF for mailing to CRA. But my return counter was increased by 1.  Since we will need to file 4 returns, this makes me very nervous now.


I understand I can print the same return again without increasing the counter further.  My questions are, (1) what is the definition of the "same return"? I still have more T slips on the way. These slips will alter my RRSP contribution this year, my incomes, and the way I want to divide my investment income between me and my spouse.  Is my return still considered the "same return" when I NETFILE it for real?  (2) Does TurboTax only compare the name and SIN to determine if the returns are the same? (3) I save my returns frequently in many different files as backups.  If I print the same return (same SIN & name)  from a different file,  would it be considered as a different return?


Thank you.



This FAQ explains how the Return Counter in TurboTax CD/Download works: