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I am ineligible to Netfile and must mail in a paper copy. My home printer is broken and I sent it to work to print. The saved pdf prints duplicate -is not what CRA wants



Here are instructions on how to print a copy of your tax return to mail to the CRA:

TurboTax CD/Download EasyStep Mode:

1. On the left side menu, select File, and then select NETFILE or Print.

2. Click the Start button.

3. Select “I want to print and mail my return” and click Continue.

4. Continue through until and you will eventually get the option to print the CRA copy of your return.


TurboTax CD/Download Form Mode:

1. Under the File menu at the top left, select Print, then Print Return.

2. Click Continue on the “Save a copy” page.

3. Then next page will allow you to print the CRA copy of your return, or save a PDF of the CRA copy.